Deciphering Cafe World AI Test #2 – How Customers Choose Seats

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This time I used this setup.

The four tables just as in test #1 but this time with a variable x, Table X is as far away from the door as you can get the customer who sits in its seat has to be placed in the very last square of the building going from left to right. Why would the computer choose Table X when other nicer tables were closer to the door and also free. Lets find out what happened.

Test Results

Test 1 Started at 34 Buzz Rating ended at 37.9 Buzz Rating Ended Test Due to Infinite Loop


Once my Buzz Rating is that high there are no more free tables and the rate at which the customers eat and leave is equal to or greater than the time needed for a customer to hit the queue. The result the AI of the customers choose an orderly method at which to dine. It is equal to everyone at one point it time. They have discovered Seating Socialism. /cheers


Cafe World – AI Test #1 – How Customers Choose Seats

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I decided to survey the AI inside cafe world to define how the customer NPC’s chose a seating arrangement when there were 4 tables in order from closest to furthest away.

The testing method I used is explained simply in the diagram below.

Each table had a number and an invisible red line that passes through matter to better define a point of reference.

Each time someone sat down I jotted down the table number. I did this in 5 minute cycles each data entry was on a new line.
First 5 minutes – Buzz Rating Started at 5       [4;2;1;2;3;1;3;1;4;2;1;3;2;1]
Second 5 minutes – Buzz Rating Increasing at a steady rate          [3;4;1;3;2;3;4;1;2;1;2;4;3;2;1;3;2;4;]
Thrid 5 minutes – Buzz Rating Increased to much dataflow corrupt                 [1;3;2;4;3;2;1;4;2;1;4;3;2;1;4;2;1;]

By this point my buzz rating so high that I either had to add more tables which would poison the data set  or stop which is what i did until my buzz rating goes back down to 5 to start again and gather more data.
Once again the data in order if strung together would look like this.

It seems so far that when there are 4 tables the higher the buzz rating the more the AI of the NPCs choose the 4321 pattern becuase well there is less of a choice.

I will continue to investigate this matter and more only here at WordPress.

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IMGUR – Best 404 Page Ever

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If you are wondering what Imgur is, was or will be then keep on reading.

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